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AW with POSSE and Edith Hammar

First thing on the second day of the festival is an After Work at ccap/ Cheap beers and snacks, we want to hang with you before the performance of Hellfun and feel the weekend coming. Our amazing illustrator and visual associate Edith Hammar will be there making MWF fake tattoos and POSSE will be there with a merch-table and sowing hangout. We also have a silkscreen table so you can make your own MWF t-shirts, bring an old one or a new that you want to use, then print print away!


POSSE dance and reading group is a weekly gathering for people wanting to spend time dancing and reading together. Each POSSE is hosted by an artist working with dance or performance that proposes a reading session followed by a dance session. The texts vary in litterary genres from essays to poetry or academic texts and so does the methods for reading. The dance material could be repertoire - our own or borrowed, scores, practices, dance rituals venturing into contemporary dance, Reggeaton Jam, modern, drag character building or other dance approaches, genres or styles. POSSE is taking place at DOCH every Tuesday and is open to join.


For the occasion of My Wild Flag, POSSE will share its first merchandise in a DIY way. An embroidered patch that can be ironed to different types of clothes, caps, bags… You can bring your own garments and decide where to put it. We also propose some long sleeve t-shirts for you to customise if you wish. An ironing table and sewing material will be available so that we can do it together.

POSSE embroidered patch and flyers design by Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek.


POSSE is initiated by Lisen Pousette, Chloe Chignell, Tamara Alegre and Klara Utke Ac.



Edith Hammar grew up in Helsinki, living in Stockholm since 2011. Edith graduated from the Royal Institute of Art with a bachelor's degree of Fine arts this spring.


”I use drawing as my primary expression, I often see and feel through pictures. To draw figuratively is a way to understand reality and communicate with my surroundings. I use my own body as a reference a lot when I draw. Once my friend Karina told me that my own body, and dancing, could be very useful in my art practice. If I dare to move and use my own body more that will show in my pictures. If I get to know my own body more my drawings can become more honest. I think about that a lot. How both dancing and drawing can be ways to communicate queer experiences and queer bodies without precise words. That it can be both a crystal clear and a dreamy language at the same time.”

Friday 8/9

16.00 @ccap/

Körsbärsvägen 9

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