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I melted my gender into the skin of stone
A bone
A physical rhyme
A tender mime of a desire of mine

In a Manner of Speaking is a poem. Not as lyrical reverie, but as a place where choreographic writing unfolds from its own playfulness.
In a Manner of Speaking is a structural self-fiction about a dance company. A hyperformal exercise of a made-up virtuosity put together from fragments and techniques of a deliberately laconic, appropriated and made-up dance history. A subjective speculation, a deformed gaze calcified by a confident practice. An anti-essentialist manifesto where fictions and facts intermingle without any hierarchy, aiming the creation of a proto-futuristic habitat. An emancipation from truth and a celebration of fiction. An exercise to claim the right to reinvent one's own body history and citizenship. A multifarious choreography where the performers' bodies are put inside out, not through any illustration of a libertarian exercise, but through a hyperformal acceleration.

A performance by Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte
Choreographed by Dinis Machado
and danced by Mariana Tengner Barros, Dinis Machado, Jorge Gonçalves and Susana Otero
Set, sound, light and costume design Dinis Machado

With the travel support of Instituto Camões / Embaixada de Portugal na Suécia e TAP and with the support of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian


Is a dance company with 22 years of recognized work in the portuguese
contemporary dance context. The company was founded by Elisa Worm in Estarreja, where it remained and developed artistic work during several years driven by the desire to contribute
to the aesthetic formation and education of the sensitivities that give rise to new
audiences, as well as the desire to take advantage of the artistic and human resources of an area of the country where dance has been little more than absent.  In 2007 the company moved to Santa Maria da Feira, where it has developed its
artistic program, under the direction of Susana Otero.

Dinis Machado
Was born in Porto and is based in Stockholm.
Works as a performer since 1994 and as choreographer of his own works since 2007.
Holds the MA in Choreography from DOCH (Stockholm) directed by Jefta Van Dinther and Frederic Gies. Finished the Independent Studies Program in Visual Arts at Maumaus – Visual Arts School (Lisbon).
In 2013 received the life Long Burning (Jardin D'Europe) Swedish co-production by CullbergBallet for his project Black Cats Can See In The Dark But Are Not Seen. The work was performed within the [8:tension] series at ImPulsTanz 2014.


Friday  8/9

20.30 @ Weld

Norrtullstgatan 7

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