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SUNDAY RUN_UP is a compound of singularities in overlapping events with a variety of contributions from the fields of choreography, dance, performance, music, visual arts, literature and theory.

The initiative derives from the wish to provide space for a non-market-driven situation that affirms artistic practices and social processes.
SUNDAY RUN_UP provides a performative context that allows all participants, audiences included, to expose, perceive and respond to proposed art events, whilst collectively shaping the context in itself.

SUNDAY RUN_UP was initiated while ccap temporary inhabited Svarta Huset by Telefonplan, with the intention of opening the space for other choreographies and settlements.
The event has had several editions during the period October 2014 – January 2017. Always on a Sunday between 16-22.

SUNDAY RUN_UP´s participation in My Wild Flag opens the possibility for the initiative to operate in a (c/o) context.

Come and go as you wish/need.See, listen, converse, rest.Stay for a while or linger the whole evening.

Initiators and Caretakers: Ulrika Berg, Philip Berlin, Cristina Caprioli, Anna GripWith support from ccap

Sunday 10/9

16.00-22.00 @ Weld

Norrtullsgatan 7



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