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T.E.N.T. & The Social Muscle Club

An inter-planetary, post-dystopian, trans-disciplinary cabaret. One evening only, the audience can engage with a number of performances, round table exchanges and other tasty treats; all accompanied by our resident house band PETS. Come into our home for the evening, let your hair down, make yourself welcome to mix and mingle with the interstellar cast of characters, and leave with unexpected treasures!


The social muscle club


The social muscle club, born in Berlin, is a series of open source events now hosted by various artists in different cities. Social Muscle Club uses art as a tool to practice generosity and “change our usual habits of thinking and doing to 'train the social muscle'” (


What is T.E.N.T.


Tent is a loose mobile structure made to host dreams, desires and basic necessities. Coordinated by Ivan Ekemark, tent is an open dance/art phenomena developing performative work and incoherent methodologies. First performed in Uferstudios Berlin this spring, the  works and group is constantly morphing into other figurations. Tent is a way for the collaborators to bring their individual art making into a collective frame, a togetherness through diversity.

With and by:

Asaf Aharonson, Cajsa Godee, Caroline Alexander, Imogen Heath, Ivan Ekemark, Layton Lachman, Mara Poliak, Shirley Harthey Ubilla, Thomas Anthony Owen, Alistair Watts


Also appearing:

Asshole Island with Frédéric Gies, Ekemark/Frykholm Arkitektur, Post Production Party with Iki Gonzalez Magnusson, Knitted INFO-ART by Jack Randol, Kristallmatrixen, PETS, The Bitches of Bitchcraft, pool donation by HOMOPOO and much much more...

The Bitches of Bitchcraft

The legendary Bitches of Bitchcraft live in a sacred well which is the source of the Dark river. The seven Bitches united when they travelled and swam with the reverse current flowing beneath the surface. The journey has only just begun and can take up to 7 years. The Bitches can jump 10 foot waterfalls to reach their destinations. They feed on hazelnuts - the source of wisdom. They have an acute sense of smell and an unbreakable bond with each other. No Bitch ever travels without her pack.


Channeling and Bitchcraft by: Emma Strandsäter, Gry Tingskog, Ida Arenius, Maia Means, Sara Kauppila, Pinja Grönberg and Vanessa Virta

Original lucid dreaming by: Eliisa Erävalo and Halla Ólafsdóttir

Original production: DOCH



The anus doesn’t exist is a lecture in which Frédéric Gies examines mainstream anatomy and physiology as political fictions, which are not free from prejudices. Looking critically at the construction and perception of specific anatomical structures that can be seen as discriminated organs, he intends to open the door to alternative cartographies of the body.


Lecture: Frédéric Gies


Frédéric Gies is an artist in the field of experimental dance, based in Stockholm. He is also a senior lecturer in choreography and head of the Master Programme in Choreography at DOCH-UNIARTS. After dancing in the works of various French choreographers in the 90′s, he started to develop his own work, which focuses on the articulation between dance, choreography and politics, and more precisely on how dance and choreography can address


Saturday 9/9

20.00 @ Weld

Norrtullstgatan 7

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