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The slayer workshop “I may be dead, but I’m still pretty” (Scene:Bluss)


This edition by: Alexandra Tveit, Marie Ursin and Jassem Hindi

The slayer workshop is a three hours lab session in a room covered in (fake) blood. And we mean covered. We will look at putrefaction and sudden death as models for transformation. We will use sound, movies and poetry marked by the horror and the weird genres.  We will explore intangible darkness. Slow murder. Creepy Internet memes. How to die on stage. Repeatedly. This is a space to explore how to make a curse with a quick dance and a scream.  Reenact your own ending.  Or do a blood-drenched slip´n´slide version of  Swan lake.

This session will be preceded by a prologue:
A short agency of some texts by R.Negarestani, O.Butler, H.Michaux and some others, all thinkers and poets that have explored weirdness, horror and fantasy as hospitable lands for transformation and collective sharing.

Bring old white clothes or a pair of underwear. You can ofc be naked if you want to. But you don´t have to, obv.

Scene:Bluss has been running for 15 years and is built for a very diverse crowd. It is grounded in the landscape of Porsgrunn, Norway. Its public and artists are called for a direct participation to the festival, from making fake blood collectively to performing a musical together, using the local gymnastics team, a horse and the local bakery shop.

Since 2013 it is curated by two young performers, Marie Ursin and Alexandra Tveit. The festival is a platform to generate immersive, experimental and collective projects. It has lasted for 4 hours. It has lasted for 4 days. In its latest edition The Legacy – the ghost to come it lasted for 25 hours non-stop. This year we host Jassem Hindi to prepare us for next year´s proposal: an experimental LARP inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Hellmouth edition.

Scene:Bluss is located in Porsgrunn (Norway) and is part of PIT, Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival.


Maximum 25 participants

You have background in dance and choreography.

To book your place for this workshop sign up

Sunday  10/9

12.00 @ccap/

Körsbärsvägen 9

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