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Urge to Verge


A public talk about choreographical initiatives that are expanding room for dance in Stockholm


We want to invite you, as part of the dance community in large, as a dance maker or audience member, as a person interested in ways how we can be more inclusive and work for better futures. How choreography and contemporary dance can take a bigger part of the political landscape of today. The My Wild Flag festival initiative is a gesture towards choreographers in need of creating context and invites for the constant emerging Stockholm dance community.

MWF consists of local and international acts and scenarios that proposes contemporary choreographic and artistic work. Bringing communities together and joining in social choreographies as well as works devoted for the stage.


Pontus Pettersson and Karina Sarkissova, the organizers of MWF have met on an initiative and interest in artistic hospitality and queer expressions. We as organizers can see that we have a different network and economy from the institutional ideologies and intentions.

We would like to gather self-organized choreographical gatherings and studio practices by dancemakers for the dance community. To ask ourself, think around and discuss

-Why is there a need for creating space by choreographers?

- How to we invite the increasing numbers of artists interested in dance and choreography living and passing through this city?

-Is practice the new performance?

-What is the difference between choreography and curation?

-How to move on?

-How would a queer solidarity in choreography organise itself, among ourself, how ---would it care for its dances and dancers, makers and spaces?

-How can we understand queer and choreography in ways how we organise and how we create space?


Participants: Tamara Alegre, Lisen Poussette (Posse) Pavle Heidler (Together Alone) Tove Salmgren (Köttinspektionen) Marie Ursin (Scene:Bluss) Björn Säfsten (Festivalen heter inget, Translate, Intertwine, Transgress!)

MC: Karina Sarkissova


Breakfast is on us, just show up

Saturday  9/9

12.00 @ccap/

Körsbärsvägen 9

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