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IM IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE - ETERNAL NIGHT - THE EXPLANATION - version 2 (HellFun, Josefin Arnell & Max Göran)


As part of their ongoing season IM IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, HellFun presents a medley of excerpts from two parallel stories shot in 2017, escorted by detailed spoken explanations.


Nilla and Tony (played by Josefin and Max), are two lovers running a babycare business called FFF (Föräldra Fritt Forever) - a self sufficient economic system where they are breeding their own babies through surrogate mothers and fathers. They go to Greece to relax and to increase their libido with help from an octopus friend. Meanwhile the five siblings Cissy Cyanide, The Goat, ODIN, David Demon/The Virtuoso and Terri Therrier, who all grew up at FFF (Föräldra Fritt Forever) are speaking for themselves over some Fernet and French Fries at Fucking Freezing: the only Casino left in space.


The world is a lie. How can anyone take themselves seriously? In the year of 2014, J. Arnell and M. Göran met for the first time in a frustrated desert of broken thoughts. Injecting each other with liquid demons they made an indecisive pact with Don Quixote, and went on a mission of meaning-making under the slogan: Brave and pathetic is better than drowning in shame.


Through character-driven stories HellFun explores performances of desire, sex, and language in a genre blending fashion. They use the stage to produce and present video material, inviting actors and non actors to play out scripted scenes or improvised situations.


Josefin Arnell finished her 2 years residency at Rijksakademie 2016, Amsterdam and have a MA degree from Dirty Art, Sandberg Institute. Max Göran has a background in documentary film and is currently enrolled in prof. Josephine Prydes class at Udk, Berlin.



Carl Michael Edenborg & Max Göran

Saxophone Riff: Timo Gallanti


On screen:


Fucking Freezing:

Leonardiansyah Allenda

Dionisis Argyropoulos Ioannou

Josefin Arnell

Vita Evangelista

Max Göran

Jeannette Huizinga

Lukas Heistinger

Cailin Kuit

Sophie Serber



Ido Azaria

Beatrice Baumgartner

Walker Baumgartner

Naama Chason

Maika Lavi Schweitzer ️

Yasmin Lavi

Rohini Swamy


Nilla & Tony:


Josefin Arnell

Max Göran

Friday 8/9

18.00 @ccap/

Körsbärsvägen 9

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