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Malin Arnell & Mario Fjell


For My Wild Flag Malin Arnell and Mario Fjell will host the inauguration ritual at They invite you to become one with, and embrace, the queerness of the festival.

When Malin Arnell and Mario Fjell come together they become an interdisciplinary art worker, collaborator, researcher, educator and musician. During the spring of 2017 they have shared breaths through Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Treignac, Berlin and Skomvær. Now in-de-flating My Wild Flag, together with Espejo Negro.

They explicitly do affectivity within a queer eco-erotic ethics of polymorphous perversity and care making. They explore key issues for participation in territorial environments by emphasizing the sticky shivers of self-touching through vibrating togetherness. Masturbatory cooperation and a dis-location of frictions opens up for an unending dynamism of entanglements aka. everything in the name of all things queer.


Thursday 7/9

19.00 @ccap/

Körsbärsvägen 9

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